The Brand Aïcha Bendafi

The aicha bendafi brand is a registered trademark. It has been around since 2019.
All her inspiration comes from her love for art and for the iconic images we all share.
All the works on this web site are the property of Aïcha Bendafi
© all rights reserved

Aïcha Bendafi Artist from Arles

Aïcha Bendafi has been a painter since childhood. She was born in 1967 in France. She lives and works in Arles, France.

"Painting fascinates me, I discovered it as a child in arts books.
From prehistoric paintings to our contemporary times, painting is for me the most moving testimony of the origins and foundations of human society.
The images that inspire me belong to our common memory; they are diffused and are recognizable by most people. I have no desire to anecdote or divert these images, what matters to me is the miraculous power of painting.
It is a spurt of life, through gesture, material and colours. Painting competes with reality, it is real."

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