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My gallery Aïcha Bendafi

My gallery Aïcha Bendafi. I was born on May 6, 1967 in Sisteron, France. I’ve been painting for a long time, it’s a story in my life.
Painting amazes me, whatever its era, from the oldest works of the Palaeolithic to our contemporary era.

Painting has fascinated me since I was a child. The breathtaking sense of life that it offers animates my work.


Art is life

My gallery Aïcha Bendafi. I’m one of those artists who do figurative painting over and over again. Because of millennia of practice, painting seems to me to be an activity of the first order.

It is against the declaration when I was an art student, that the painting was dead that I always claimed this living practice. It was in this state of mind that I painted for decades isolated in his studio.

To carry out my research and my discoveries by immersing myself totally in painting, in its history, in its images, in its matter.
‘I don’t want to tell a story or anecdote, but I want to explore the world of painting and explore its secrets. Painting is ineffable; it tells an adventure, a journey for the eyes and the mind.”

A human heritage

I am deliberately referring to known images. The viewer is thus faced with an image he knows. The memory is then confronted with the spectacle of painting which carries in itself several levels of readings.
What constitutes an image and a painting is a rediscovery for the gaze and the memory.

There are so many different ways for everyone to see an image.

What is image and what is painting? Are these two poles inseparable? What feeds the other?

© Aïcha Bendafi - Autoportrait avec Vincent - acrylique sur toile, 100x81cm, Arles 2015

I work to make the two coexist in a balance where each one nourishes the other and where in the end the painting far from being subject to the image, paying homage to it flies and hovers vibrant and alive above it.

Painting frees itself and coats the image on all sides to show the extraordinary potential of life that painting possesses in it when it passes through the breath of the human soul.
The painting offers a wonderful and miraculous spectacle.

Aicha Bendafi graduated from the Faculty of Plastic Arts in Aix en Provence.
Her paintings are in private collections around the world.