Workshop painting lessons

Vibrate on the painting of Vincent van Gogh…

An appointment of 3 to 4 hours with the painter Aïcha Bendafi

Walk in the footsteps of Van Gogh

One-hour wandering around some places in the city center that Van Gogh painted. Like a journey through time between past and present, the places bear the traces of van Gogh’s painting:

– the starry night – edge of the Rhône
– the Trinquetaille bridge
– Van Gogh place
– Coffee “La Nuit”

Painting workshop in my workshop

A beautiful experience and a wonderful memory to bring home. Everyone will have realized his own sunflower painting!

  • Discovery and discussion around some of my paintings related to Van Gogh’s painting.
  • Video Projection in the Sunflower Workshop Painted by Van Gogh and then projection of a fixed-plan video of a sunflower field filmed near Arles.
  • The interest of projecting a film is to feel, in the light movement of sunflowers, the living and vibrant nature. In a field of sunflowers no flower is like the other, everyone can choose the one that inspires him the most.
  • Presentation of the paint material (support, brushes, colors)
  • Demonstration by Aïcha, in a few minutes of the magical and sensitive appearance by painting
  • Discovery of painting techniques to overcome the apprehension of drawing and enter directly into the act of painting, by gesture, matter and color.